On April 1, Governor Cuomo used his authority to provide a $7.6 billion dollar corporate bailout to Exelon Corporation, the rich Chicago company that owns aging and unprofitable nuclear power plants in New York. As a result, over the next two years, our electric rates will go up by $964,900,000 million to profit Exelon at our expense.

With this "Cuomo Tax" now in place, our state is losing an average of a whopping $1,321,781 million per day with almost nothing in return.

We can't afford to let this continue. If you agree we can better spend our hard-earned dollars, demand that Cuomo drop his tax immediately!

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Stop the Cuomo Tax and end the nuclear bailout
Dear [Recipient],
I am outraged that your nuclear bailout is costing New Yorkers an average of $1.32 million dollars per day

I applaud your efforts to reduce emissions in New York, but surely you realize that investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy creates more jobs, reduces more CO2 and is more affordable than propping up nuclear plants for twelve years. That’s how we make New York a national leader in clean energy, not by subsidizing a dirty and failing industry.

As your constituent, I demand you scrap this misguided bailout and go back to the drawing board to create an affordable and renewable energy plan for New York. We deserve better.

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